Friday, June 15, 2012

Step2 Crabbie Sandbox - Free Shipping

Excellent for water and sand activities anytime. This bright red colored Step2 Crabbie Sandbox is sure to please any child.

The two molded-in crab claws are designed to allow children to sit on them and play with the sand without getting all the way inside. When they are done playing you can replace the shell lid to keep the wind, rain, and animals out.

It holds upto 300 lbs of sand and is suitable for children ages 18 - 36 months. Older kids also love this sand pit toy.

A great summer backyard toy. Grandparents can order it to be shipped for free to their grand children anywhere in  the USA. When its too cold outside just empty out all the sand and bring it in for those rainy days. Makes a great bath for pets too!!
Suitable for children ages 18 months and up.

Step 2 Crabbie Sandbox 

Crabbie sand box will make a great gift for twins.
Kids and pets will love to play on it during sunny days.
Fill the pit with water instead of sand and it becomes a kiddie pool or a pet pool.
This sandbox with lid will keep the sand from blowing out during windy day. A parent has used bungee cords to help keep the lid in place.

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