Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cat Trees That Look Like Real Trees

Give your cat its very own place to climb, scratch and perch. Climbing is healthy for cats. It keeps them active when indoors, improves strength and flexibility. A cat tree that looks like a real tree will satisfy your kitty's need to jump, play, perch, sleep and explore. Most of the cat trees are designed to blend with your household decor. Below are some of the trees from online companies with best customer service who offer a variety of cat furniture both manufactured as well as custom built.

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Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses
This is made out of real a tree  and the branches are skillfully decorated with silk leaves. It provides a natural scratching post for your pet. Perfect for multiple cats with enough room to play, jump, explore and sleep.

Sprout Lifelike Cat Tree

Price: 139.99 Cat Furniture

50" Oak Cat Tree

Price: 166.99
Cat Condos & Cat Trees 50" Oak Cat Tree

75" Tasmania Cat Tree

Price: 192.99
Cat Condos & Cat Trees 75" Tasmania Cat Tree.

Kitty Palm Cat Tree with Ficus Foliage Top, Green Carpet, Manila Rope, 36 Inches

Real looking cat tree made with manila rope and silk polyester leaves.

Easy to assemble.

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