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Child proof ipad mini cases

Best Cases to Kid Proof Your iPad Mini 

Child proof ipad mini cases
Let your child take new ipad mini to school, share with his friends, or anywhere he likes. These sturdy kid friendly, child proof ipad mini cases offer protection from drops, spills, shocks, and other impacts.

There are quiet a few to choose from. Many of the rugged ipad cases for adults are suitable for children as well.
Here are some great kid proof  ipad mini cases to consider.

Featured : Kay's Case KidBox Mini for Apple iPad Mini (Orange)

i-Blason iPad Mini case cover for Kids

iPad mini cases for kids

kid friendly ipad mini cover
Super Light Weight and durable Hazard Free Safe Material Perfect Ipad Mini Case For Children
I would recommend this fun and kid friendly case when you have a young child sharing your tablet. Carrying handle doubles as a stand so children can watch their videos. Its slim so will fit into backpacks easily. Just make sure you have the screen protector film on the device to avoid scratches from pens and pencils in the bag.
Kid colors to choose from : Black, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green.

i-Blason ArmorBox Kido Series review

"...We bought a iPad min for my 3 yr. and it is perfect. It is made of double absorbing silicone and if you drop it, don't worry, it will protect the iPad..."

EVA Foam Standing Cover for iPad Mini

Baby and toddler proof ipad mini case Speck iGuy

speck iGuy ipad mini cover for kids
Fun, free-standing toddler-friendly Speck iPad Mini case
Your child can watch his favorite videos without having to hold the case
Lightweight bouncy foam protection for drops and bumps
Children will not have easy access to port because of the thick padding
Colors children love - Purple, Mango / Orange, Lime Green, Red,
iPad mini case for baby and toddlers

Adds some bulk to the case and may not fit in backpacks
A screen protector is recommended with this case to prevent smudges on the tablet screen

Speck iGuy iPad Mini Cover Video Review

Here Hollie Schultz's (from son shows how kids and toddlers can move around with their mini iPad using the soft textured hands as handles. See how the Speck iGuy stands on the table with the tablet fitted in without any support. This is a great feature to have especially when you have multiple children wanting to watch a video and cannot decide who gets to hold the iPad. She also gives a heads up regarding odor when your first get the cover. Since its a rubberized case it will have a strong smell in the beginning. If you are planning on giving this as a gift, I suggest you order this ahead of time maybe 1 - 2 weeks, unpack and let it sit in open air to dissipate the smell. You can then wrap it and it will be ready for use when your child opens the gift.

Mini iPad Case for Children

HHI iPad mini Kids Fun Play Armor Protective Case - Purple
Thick silicone custom molded case that provides added grip for little hands. Extra large corners offer bump protection while raised edges keep the screen safe when laid face down. Precise cutouts for the camera, microphone, headphone jack, charging port and speakers.
In Purple, black, Yellow and Blue

i-Blason ArmorBox Series 2 Layer Hybrid Protection Case For Apple New iPad Mini 7.9 Inch with Kick Stand Kids Friendly (Green/White)

Hard shell case for kids
Built-in kick stand for vertical and horizontal viewing
Many kid favorite colors to choose : Blue, White, Green, Pink, Black, Magenta
Offers two layers of protection. Inner polycarbonate shell and anti-slip outer silicone case
Corners have double-thick silicone for added protection against drops and other impacts

Sturdy but light weight

Dual layer case with a combination of TPU and PC hard silicone and a clip-on matte shell case which is rubberized for a grip
Access to all ports and controls. The volume control buttons and the sleep/wake buttons are covered. Cutouts for microphone, headphone jack, speaker and lightning port
Lay on table design to prevent scratching the display
Its slim and does not add bulk to the slender mini iPad
Features a built in kick stand for hands free videos and movies in landscape mode only
Various color to choose from

One of the best cover for iPad mini. Kids will like the two toned styled Trident Aegis case
A dual layer case with inner impact absorbing silicone skin and outer hard plastic shell
Lightweight and not bulky like at Otterbox case
Cutouts for the Apple Logo, speaker grills, mic, front and rear camera
3.5 mm headphone jack, charging port are covered with silicone covers to keep dust out
Power button and home button are covered but not hard to press
Case has a raised edge to protect when tablet is dropped face down
Comes in Blue, Pink, Red, Black and Green

Grip Case for iPad Mini

Children are more likely to drop their tablet if its not in a case since the back of iPad mini is slippery. If they do not like a bulky case get them a simple slim cover that offers a good grip and looks cool too.

STM Grip Case for iPad Mini is a low profile folio style plastic case with textured surface for non slip grip. The mini iPad snaps into four corners and interior is lined with soft micro fiber cloth. Unlike other cases this has two kickstand or clips to prop your tablet in various angles.
Color choices : My favorite is the Tangerine or Orange. There is also Berry, Black, and Royal Blue

Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series Case for Apple iPad Mini

Rugged Kids case

Gumdrop cases included a replaceable snap-on integrated screen for maximum protection. All ports are covered to shield from dust and sand. Your child take his mini tablet to the beach and take family pictures. The corners have reinforced rubber bumpers to absorb shock during fall. There are multiple colors to choose from : Black, Black/Red, Army Green. Their designer case come in Orange/Blue and Blue/Pink color combination.

Tough Cases With Built In Screen Protector

These covers with a plastic screen protector are the best way to baby proof your device. These are easy to wipe and are replaceable. 

Hard Candy Cases ShockDrop Series Case for Apple iPad Mini, Red/Black 

Combination of rubber and polycarbonate shell
Corners protected with shock absorbing silicone
Integrated screen protector included
All port covers are rip-proof to protect from dust, moisture and food spills
Non-slip grip texture perfect for children

OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case for iPad Mini - Blushed

Impact resistant polycarbonate inner shell
Protective cover doubles as a stand
All ports have silicon plug covers but are easily accessible
Black, Blushed or Pink, and Gray or Crevasse color options
Best protection for children with autism

Griffin Technology Survivor for iPad Mini, Black/Blue 

Shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame covered with shock absorbing silicone
Protects against dirt, sand, rain, shock, drops and vibration
A built-in screen protector that wipes off easily. Perfect for guarding the screen from baby drools and juice spills
In Pink, Green, Yellow, Black

iPad Mini Sleeves for Kids

Cases and sleeves to protect the mini iPad

Use sleeve cases for extra protection especially if your child is using say a smart cover or one that does not have front protection. This will keep the tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire) safer in backpacks, school bags and briefcases as well.

STM Jacket D7 Padded iPad mini Sleeve with shoulder Strap - Nook, Fire, Galaxy and 7-inch Devices 

Carry your iPad mini in 3 ways; Clutch handle, Grab handle, or removable adjustable shoulder straps
Children can wear this bag over their shoulders as a messenger bag when in crowded areas
Features a front pocket to keep charges, keys, phone and an open back pocket for notebook and magazine
Main compartment is lined with soft material and has a lip around the edge so the zip will not scratch the tablet

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids - Blue

Mini headphones made specially for children 2 yrs and older
Works with iPads, iPhones, iPods, Portable DVD players
Great for families with more than one child. Each child can listen to his / her music, read books and play games.
Parent will love the volume control cable to limit children from turning up the volume
Cute colors for boys and girls : Green, Pink, Orange, Blue
A fun accessory for kids to have

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