Saturday, December 22, 2012

Beats Headphones By Dre

Beats Solo HD by Dr Dre Headphones

Every college student loves to study with music. What better way to drown out outside noise and listen to your personal playlist than by using the Beat Dre Headphones!

Beats provides surround-sound music to your ears and brings quality sound to a whole new level with two speakers on each can.

This means you will get crisp clear highs and deep bass. Hear music in a totally different way  with Dr. Dre headphones. 

Made of flexible durable long lasting material with cool colors. These on ear headphones feature a remote control. This means you can skip songs, answer phone calls, and adjust volume straight from the cord of the Beats Solo HD headphones.

Dre Beat Headphones - Awesome Colors

Dre Beat headphone come in great colors teenage boys and girls like. Choose from Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Dark Blue and Light Blue.

Dr Dre Beats Solo HD Headphones

Dre Beats Headphones Features

These Solo Beats headphones are made of lighter super durable material with a metal strip that will last longer.

Two speakers on each side which means clean crisp highs and deep lows in HD. You will hear some sound you may have never heard with your regular earphones before.

The built-in mic is a great feature. No need to take off the headphone to answer your phone.

Extremely comfortable with adjustable padding on the sides and on the ears.

Compact when folded - can be carried in backpacks and purses.

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