Thursday, December 27, 2012

Breville bke820xl tea kettle variable temperature electric 1.8 liter

Breville bke820xl variable-temperature 2-quart electric kettle

Breville variable temperature electric tea kettle has five pre set brewing temperatures to brew green tea, oolang tea,  white and black tea, and French Press coffee.
The  smart "hold temp" feature will keep the water ready at that temperature for your second cup of tea.
Use this electric kettle to boil your water for making soups, hot chocolate and oatmeal as well.
Other handy features include:
- Water level indicators on both sides of the kettle
- Push button control panel
- 1500 watts heating element and 2 quarts
- Convenient for left and right handed person

Breville bke820xl variable-temperature 2-quart kettle

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