Friday, December 7, 2012

Child Proof Ipod Touch Cases

Best iPod Touch Cases for Kids

Looking to kid proof your iPod touch? Children love to play with our electronic devices. Can't blame them considering all the baby and kid friendly apps that are available for them. There are cases that are specifically made for young children and then there are iPod touch 4g and 5g cases that appeal to both adults as well as older kids. 

Here are some cases for you consider:

Baby Proof iPod Touch and iPhone Cases

Huggable iPhone Ipod Touch Case for Kids

This is Ubooly. A furry orange creature that is filled with memory foam to protect your iphone and ipod touch from drops.
Just slide your device into the pocket and watch Ubooly come to life.
Download free app. New apps are availabe every month for free.
It interacts with your child by playing games, sharing stories, teaching vocabulary and much more.
Children upto age 9 can play with this fuzzy friend

Best ipod touch 4g cases for kids

Protective iPod touch 5g 5th generation cases for boys and girls

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